Life Strategy: A How-To Guide

Life Strategy, a how to guide:

First, assess your tools and materials.

What do you have to work with?
This includes things like: energy, strength, education, community, etc.

Second, figure out how to apply those tools to any given situation.

I have X amount of energy for large crowds, and I really really wanna go to a music show, but I know I’ll run out of energy. Maybe I can phone a friend to go with me? Maybe I can plan to go for just the good bits and then politely bow out when I need to?

Third, pretend you can, until you actually can, and then find something new to pretend at until you learn that!

No one was born good at everything. I don’t even think I believe in talent. Maybe some people have genetics that make it easier for their brains to figure a thing or two out, but when it really comes down to it, anything I have learned was figured out by doing it. One foot in front of the other. Making it happen.

I remember the first time my dad told me to call a friend on the phone to hang out. I was petrified. I felt stunned to silence. I refused. I cried. I was so scared. And he just stood there holding the phone out to me, saying, “I want you to have friends. I want you to be able to pick up the phone and call them. I want you to do this.” I dialed the number and after two rings, I hung up. Panicking. My dad handed me the phone again. I dialed the number, made it through the rings to the voicemail. I stammered and stuttered a message. Something about wanting to play with my friend Taylor. I don’t know if I even took a breath. When I hung up, I felt terrified and accomplished.

That scenario is one I have played out so many times in my life, whenever I need to do something that scares me to achieve my goals.

Writing Group Road Trip

Dear World,

Good to see you here! I am writing to you from Portland today. After many miles of driving, we landed here just in time for Wryly’s reading of their first published book: My Ugly & Other Love Snarls.

As far as I am aware, Casey is an expert driver. When we got downtown, she parallel parked with more dedication than I’m used to experiencing in most human beings. We were centimeters away from the cars sandwiching us in.

I quickly established myself as the navigator and organizer of time and how to get from here to there and back again. Since I was thanked for this by Casey, I have carried on in this role happily.

The venue for Wryly’s reading on Friday was full to bursting, as were our bladders, and the lines to the restrooms were of similar capacity. This evening, Wryly was a voice among many readers from University of Hellpress. They purported themself before the crowded audience with confidence and ease, which I hope they felt in earnest.

After the readings, we wandered for food and found a Little Big Burger that offered lettuce wraps for burgers, and we tucked into devouring our first real meal of the day. The burgers were as the name suggests, little and big at the same time. I had two, all on my own. Wryly’s sister had joined us, and there was much sibling nonsense to watch as I filled my belly with monstrous haste.

Goodbyes were said to Ariel, and then a short drive, and we rolled into our resting place after only three confused drive bys, lost in the dark. We were welcomed warmly by our host, Mindy, who showed us a variety of sleeping options. Of these, we chose a room big enough for the three of us to pack sleeping things into, for a proper sleep over.

Mindy helped us arrange bedding and chatted with us, and then decided to head out dancing in hopes of catching some babes. We all settled in with tea and blankets, took some photos of our silly faces to commemorate our sleep over, and then chattered into the night until we dropped off into slumberland one, by, one.

Today we are in a world of overcast weather and occasional rain. Later there will be more readings, but for now, we write, and we wander.



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