Book Review: The Sugar Jar

“The Sugar Jar” by Yasmine Cheyenne Boundaries and self-care are hot topics, and Yasmine Cheyenne has set a whole new standard for wellness with her sweet metaphor of “The Sugar Jar.” At its simplest, sugar is energy. The jar is the boundary set around that energy. Stressful situations, relationships, daily activities, and unforeseen events all siphon this vital resource. Many … Continue reading “Book Review: The Sugar Jar”

Creative Block: Inner Child Healing

I get so discouraged when learning an instrument. Almost immediately, I assume the worst – that I will NEVER get it. There is no proof that I am the special seahorse that is the only person in the world who just absolutely sucks at playing an instrument. So many people have learned it. So many people pick it up at … Continue reading “Creative Block: Inner Child Healing”