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– Grays Harbor Historical Seaport Authority (2014 Website Blog)


Blog/Article Sample:
Sugaring As Personal Care

“What is sugaring to you? Just your routine hair removal? Or is it more than that? At Sugar Plum, we know that sugaring is a lot more than simply being hair free.

Sugaring has personal care benefits too! If you have received a sugaring service before, you may already know that sugaring is a super effective exfoliant. As your hair is flicked away, so are dead skin cells. This leaves behind smooth, baby soft skin. If you are receiving regular sugaring, consider this. Once a month you come in for hair removal and your skin gets that fresh glow again.”



Writing Sample echoing The Stranger’s news style:
Food & Drink

THURS OCT 26______________________
Modernist Bread Meets Heritage Rice
Town Hall Seattle proudly presents an evening of cross-cultural carb cuisine! Two famed chefs will share the secrets between the covers of their cookbooks, featuring Korean fusion creations with Rachel Yang and the timeless tradition of bread making with Nathan Myrhvold. For those looking to cultivate creative cookery with a fibery foundation, there will be much to learn from these fabulous gourmands! (SIFF Cinema Egyptian, 6pm, $5.)”



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Digital Media Design (with Adobe Creative Suite):

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