Hi there! My name is Monica. I write, edit, and read for work and for fun!

You can find my work in international travel publications and advertorials, health and wellness blogging and promotions, fundraising for arts and LGBTQ+ nonprofits, and more.

I have been involved in a variety of writerly projects over the years:

  • Best of the Best 2019: copyediting Virtuoso Travel’s 706-page publication from start to finish
  • Best of 2018: copywriting for Virtuoso Travel’s winning hotels, destinations, and experiences
  • Good Mourning (2018): content writing for a nonprofit art therapy festival for processing grief
  • Chamberlain (2017-2018): technical writing for smart home technology
  • Sugar Plum (2016-2017): writing, editing, proofreading, and designing blog articles, social media content, advertorials, speeches, and emails for beauty, skincare, and wellness
  • Grays Harbor Historical Seaport (2014): travel writing for traditional tall ship adventures
  • Trackers Earth (2014): storyteller and educator for a children’s wilderness camp
  • Fresh Fitness & Dance (2013-2014): fitness writing for social media, emails, and blogs
  • Rose’s Engineering (2008-2010): technical writing and communications for civil engineering

About the site name: 

“I want words” is from my favorite poem, which I found in a collection of translated poems back in 2011. To this day, it still makes me cry when I read it aloud.

Say More, Speak Like Rain 

“I want

like shiny stones in my pocket,
words like thrown arrows
I want words

like the years in a worn down
table. Maybe I am the last
believer now:

I believe in blind man’s
never faltering fumbling over a writing
of flaming points.”

Say More, Speak Like Rain
By Arne Ruste, Translated from the Norwegian by Olav Grinde

To read the poem in full, click here.