Hi there! My name is Monica. I have a passion for writing, editing, and reading for work and for fun!

Currently, I am working with an international travel, tourism, and leisure company with their marketing and directory publishing department as Marketing Coordinator, Copywriting, and Image Management; or basically a marketing version of an Editorial Assistant. I am loving it! I wish it wasn’t a contract position, so I could keep doing this year round.

Since this dream contract job I have ends November 2018, I am looking for more work in publishing. I am hoping to continue expanding my career as an Editorial Assistant, Copywriter, Copy editor, and/or in Content Management.



About the site name: 

“I want words” is from my favorite poem, which I found in a collection of translated poems back in 2011. To this day, it still makes me cry when I read it aloud.

Say More, Speak Like Rain 

“I want

like shiny stones in my pocket,
words like thrown arrows
I want words

like the years in a worn down
table. Maybe I am the last
believer now:

I believe in blind man’s
never faltering fumbling over a writing
of flaming points.”

Say More, Speak Like Rain
By Arne Ruste, Translated from the Norwegian by Olav Grinde

To read the poem in full, click here.