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American Red Cross

Premise: Give a brief explanation of the benefits of trees for a workshop for homeowners.

As a homeowner, you may want to consider the benefits of planting trees on your property or maintaining what’s already there. These benefits include lower energy bills, cleaner air, increased property value, and a more enjoyable living space.

Seasonal heating and cooling offered by trees can lower your energy bills. In the summer, trees in your yard can shade your house from the sun and keep it cool. When tree leaves fall in the autumn and winter, sunlight can come through the branches and heat your home. A line of trees can even act as wind protection, providing a firmly rooted wall to guard your home from gusts.

If you’d like to improve your air quality, plant some trees! Since they are excellent at converting carbon dioxide to oxygen, each tree you have will produce more clean air to breathe around your living space.

Property values show that a home is almost not complete without a tree. If two houses are the same in every detail, but only one has trees, the house with trees will sell at a higher price point.

Trees truly enhance your landscape, providing a canopy for garden parties or a jungle gym for active children. Even simply seeing a tree growing outside a window is known to promote wellbeing. Planting a tree will not only bring value to your home, but it will also improve your life.

Lexicographer for Unified Compliance

  • Defined words and phrasal terms for regulatory documentation
  • Indexed and organized terms from authority documents
  • Researched highly-specialized terms from general, legal, technical, and economic dictionaries

Copywriter and Editor for Experience Educational Tours and Groupstr:

  • 25% engagement rate for virtual tour emails
  • Copywriter for experiencecamerica.com and groupstr.com
  • Wrote educational travel programs and marketing materials
  • Copyeditor and writer for B2B and B2C email communications
  • Built the brand voice based on audience and competitor research

Copywriting Samples:

  • Virtual Tour of New York City:
    Go on an absolutely beautiful virtual tour of Central Park with an audio guide who shares a background on landmarks along the way. See horse-drawn carriages, an oasis of greenery around the lake, a gorgeous sculpture of an angel blessing the waters of Bethesda Fountain and wander off the paved path to enjoy the oak trees.
  • Virtual Tour of Alaska:
    We are thinking of you! Here is a warm thank you to our community of parents and educators who are continuing to cultivate learning from home. As a gift from us to you, please accept our continued appreciation in the form of virtual tours around the world… 
  • PNW STEAM Educational Tour:
    On this Pacific Northwest Geology and Astronomy adventure, experience the wonders of the universe through interactive workshops and explorations of the environment. Discover how volcanoes impact the landscapes around them, creating fascinating geological formations. Learn about Lewis and Clark’s journey of discovery through the Columbia River Gorge, including the ecology and geology conveyed through their journals. Engage in hands-on ecology workshops on renewable resources and climate change. In astronomy classes, imagine the future of space research, identify the Earth’s cycles and view the night sky by telescope. Go on an educational exploration of Crater Lake National Park to learn ecological concepts firsthand. See diverse wildlife in their natural environments, including a visit to a hatchery that nurtures a native fish.
  • Alaska STEAM Program:
    On this Alaska STEAM adventure, engage students in interactive learning activities in nature parks and learning centers. Gain a deeper understanding of Alaskan heritage from native indigenous groups and lessons with sled dogs. Experience the vast Alaskan environments to discover the tallest mountain peak in America and massive glaciers. Get up close to native wildlife, learning what animals call Alaska home and about the migratory patterns of both seabirds and marine mammals.
  • U.S. Civil Rights Tour
    On this Civil Rights Tour, gain a deeper understanding of the U.S. Civil Rights Movement through experiential learning activities. Starting in Atlanta, Georgia, explore the birthplace of Martin Luther King, Jr. to see how he overcame adversity, growing up in a time of racial segregation and becoming a leader of the Civil Rights Movement. Travel along the U.S. Civil Rights Trail to significant sites in Alabama, following the steps on the Edmund Pettus Bridge and sit ins in protest of racial inequality that finally resulted in the Voting Rights Act of 1965. End the journey in Memphis, Tennessee, where Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated and where blues musicians lifted their voices to share their spirit of freedom and hope.


Copywriting, Marketing, and Content Management Assistant for:

Best of the Best – January 2019 

A global directory of hotels and experiences, available in print and digital format

Copy Adare

Copywriting Samples:

Napa Valley (Saint Helena), California

Nestled in the heart of St. Helena, Meadowood Napa Valley is a long-standing member of Relais & Châteaux. The 250-acre estate has 85 guest cottages, suites, and family lodges with fireplaces and private terraces. Indulge in epicurean delights at The Restaurant at Meadowood, named Best Dining Experience in 2018 Best of the Best Awards, curated by chef Christopher Kostow and his three-Michelin-starred team. Activities at Meadowood include golf, tennis, swimming, hiking, croquet, as well as cooking and wine classes. The Guest Services team designs itineraries to the Napa Valley’s finest wineries, restaurants, and experiences.

Cape Town, South Africa

Topping Cape Town’s new Museum of Contemporary Art Africa, the family-owned Silo Hotel hits all the high notes. The former grain elevator was reimagined from rough concrete into diamond, with crystalline windows and a whimsical elegance – earning the Best of the Best 2018 Award for Best Achievement in Design. Watch the bustle below while soaking in a freestanding tub in one of 28 rooms, designed with a bold mix of colors, prints, and textures. Champagne and carving trolleys roll through the Granary Café, and the spa is sumptuously serene. Grab a glass of pinotage to sip during sunset from the wraparound rooftop terrace.

Cariblue Beach, Saint Lucia (West Indies)

Reinvigorate your body, release your mind, and reignite your spirit at BodyHoliday. This all-inclusive 155-room resort will personalize your vacation around the tenets of relaxation, restoration, exercise, and diet. Appointed 2018 Best of the Best Wellness Program winner, you can trust BodyHoliday to design a program around your yoga practice, weight loss goal, or overcoming limitations by, say, rappelling down a river gorge. Set on a secluded, white-sand cove, BodyHoliday offers endless water sports, including sailing lessons. Ayurvedic cuisine comes from the organic garden; a daily spa treatment is included.

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