Let’s talk about trees. There are a lot of trees where I grew up, and I guess there are a lot where I live now. The west coast is filthy with trees. Not only do we have trees in our neighborhoods and along our highways, but we have these vast parks devoted to them. I don’t think I could live somewhere without trees.

For instance, I have never been to New York. Last year, I made some friends who were visiting Seattle from New York City and they went on and on and on and on about trees and sky like they’d never seen them before. Walking through the city, they’d book it down the street, only pausing to gaze, slack-jawed up at nearly every single tree. Which made getting from place to place rather silly. As we walked along, they’d loudly comment on how slow everyone’s pace was, until suddenly standing stock-still beneath a tree proclaiming its virtues to all who would hear them.

I think they need more trees in New York. I hate that as a writer, New York City is such a big hub for “the arts.” How can they write anything without trees? They must think I’m writing a fantasy story whenever I talk about trees.

Slow down for a second with me here. I know I’m talking fast. I was thinking about New Yorkers. But let’s get back to trees. I love trees! I try to visit one of those vast parks devoted to trees once a week. This usually results in me getting out to a government sanctioned park every two weeks. It’s important to have goals and to reach for them, regardless of their practicality at the time. I’m not a failure for going every two weeks instead of every week. I am succeeding at going every two weeks! Imagine if I had no goals. I’d never go anywhere.

This week I went to Little Si. Two weeks before that, I went to Wallace Falls. Before that it had actually been a minute since I’d been out on a proper outdoor adventure. And I am an outdoor adventure kind of girl. I have been a tall ship sailor, a zombie survival guide, and a reptile handler to name a few. After I got off my first tall ship, I was invited to a Kishi Bashi concert, but when I went up to present my ticket, they told me that I couldn’t go outside after I entered and I had a panic attack right there and missed the concert. I need trees and sky.

All this to say, trees are important. I love nature so much, I’ve brought plants inside my home. There’s even an avocado tree that I grew from a seed. Talk about patience. That seed took months to start rooting. For a little while it just looked like it was creating its own ecosystem in the jar where I’d left it. I embraced the sludge and that’s when the tree started to grow. There’s an ugly side to nature that makes the beauty possible. So, maybe that’s beautiful too?

I’ll go on wondering.

You know, I wouldn’t mind more trees. Spring is here, and there are flowers floating in the sky and littering lawns with petals. I love it! I wouldn’t mind more trees. And huckleberry bushes. I could spend all day in huckleberry bushes. But that’s another season. And another story.

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