Why do we save ourselves for others?
Why do I have an idea in my head that tells me to save my love and care and gifts for other people?

I am a person.
I deserve to share my love and care and gifts with myself most of all.

I know and love my gifts.
Of all the people in the world, I am most likely to enjoy receiving what I want to share.

Why do I have an idea in my head that I have to save that for others?
Because I do.
We could break it all down into what I was taught as a kid. What was reinforced in adulthood. Society. Religion. Gender.
And that’s all true.

So I’m trying out a new idea:
I will share my love and my care and my gifts.
With me. With others.

Doing what makes my soul soar is what matters.

Being full of love and generosity and curiosity and creativity is what matters.

[Journal entry inspired by a realization of how much I love reading aloud, for its own sake.]

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