“The Sugar Jar” by Yasmine Cheyenne

Boundaries and self-care are hot topics, and Yasmine Cheyenne has set a whole new standard for wellness with her sweet metaphor of “The Sugar Jar.”

At its simplest, sugar is energy. The jar is the boundary set around that energy. Stressful situations, relationships, daily activities, and unforeseen events all siphon this vital resource. Many people share their sugar without even knowing how much they have to give or taking note of where it’s going. This is so common there are words for it such as stress and burnout. To manage this, it is essential to establish the boundaries of the sugar jar and regulate the use of this ingredient. 

By opening up about her personal journey of being a parent, sharing her voice as a black woman, getting a divorce, and so much more – Yasmine reveals essential skills for practicing presence, setting boundaries, releasing what is depleting, and refilling that sugar jar. 

Instead of telling the exact recipe for self-healing, Yasmine invites the reader to investigate their own feelings and experiences to discover how they want to use their sugar and who they want to share it with.

This book is an empowering guide for the strong ones, the self-healers, and anyone who is looking to free themselves from anything that is holding them back and embrace the life-long pursuit of their own well-being.

Background: I wrote this as a submission for a Book Reviewer opportunity.

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